Earn 5% of your friends purchases and 2.5% of their friends purchases with the Referral Rewards Program

Our improved Referral Rewards Program is designed to easily earn you direct cash rewards when you share your experience with Rx Budget. As a customer with at least one completed order, for every person that you refer, you'll earn a percentage on every order they ever place! You can use these reward dollars to save with us, or we'll simply send you the reward money you earned via check to thank you for being a savings advocate for Rx Budget.

How It Works

Karen has ordered at least once with Rx Budget and found out that that qualified her to earn referral rewards! She told her social circle about the everyday prescription savings at Rx Budget by simply downloading and printing the Referral Rewards Program Kit* to give to her friends Michael, Sheila, Greg. As a bonus, her friends also receive 25% off their first order. Karen now earns a 5% of the value of every single order her friends place with Rx Budget and an additional 2.5% of their friends purchases. Karen can use the money she earns from Rx Budget to pay for her own orders, or she can choose to be paid out in cash. It's her money that she's earned by sharing her story.

Try It Yourself!

To see how much Karen could earn monthly, simply fill in your own numbers below.

Danielle's monthly order (Karen earns 5%):


Danielle's Friend's monthly order (Karen earns 2.5%):


Karen earns



As one of our customers, we know that you’re the single best advocate we can hope for. You know firsthand the savings we offer; the care we take to serve you; and the quality and reliability that we deliver. Because you know us so well we want to reward you for passing along the Rx Budget savings message to your social circle of friends and family.

Have more questions? Read our Referral Rewards Program FAQ!

* If downloading the Referral Rewards Program Kit does not work, you may need to install Adobe Reader on your computer and follow the installation instructions. You may call us toll free at 1-877-242-9090 if you need further assistance.